XNAPS Stool DNA Flexspin Kit

XNAPS Stool DNA Flexspin Kit
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Product Description

XNAPS stool DNA flexspin kit provides a fast, simple, and efficient method for isolating total nucleic acid or DNA from small amount of fresh or frozen stool samples(~100mg). The nucleic acid may derive from any sources, such as cellular, bacterial, viral, in the stool sample. The kit combines a two-step chemical/enzyme lysis procedure with an innovative chromatographic absorbent resin which, while removing efficiently the impurities and PCR inhibitors contained in stool samples, preferentially binds nucleic acid with high capacity. Stool sample is firstly chemically lyzed and solid debris are removed by centrifugation and column filtration. The solution is further lyzed by Proteinase K to digest binding proteins, followed by denaturation by Buffer DB. The released free-form DNA binds with resin in the spin column. After removal of residual chemicals and impurities by strong washing. Pure DNA is eluted in water or TE buffer. The purified genomic DNA is immediately ready to use in various downstream applications, such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing.

Features: 1. All the cellular DNA, microorganismal DNA and microparasitic DNA in the sample can be purified simultaneously.

2. Flexibility: The process can be scaled up or down according different weights of starting samples

3. Rapidity: All the processing steps can be completed within 30 minutes.

4. High yield and purity: Up to 50 g of DNA with OD260/OD280 between 1.7-1.9 can be extracted from 100 mg of stool sample.

5. Safety for handling, shipping and storage: No phenol extraction, no ethanol precipitation, no toxic chaotropic salts.