XNAPS RNA Flexspin Kit

XNAPS RNA Flexspin Kit
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Product Description

XNAPS RNA flexspin purification system provides a fast, simple, and efficient method for isolating total RNA from varieties of organism, such as animal cells/tissues, plant tissues, G- bacteria, yeast. After chemical lysis of samples, proteins and genomic DNA are firstly removed by selective precipitation and centrifugation. Residual DNA can be further enzymatically digested. High-quality RNA is eluted into nuclease-free water. The novel procedure provided by the kit eliminates many disadvantages, such as time-consuming methods, toxic components, low yield, as compared to other commercial kits. The purified RNA is immediately ready to use in various downstream applications, such as RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis.


1. Rapidity: All the processing steps can be completed in 20 minutes.

2. High yield and purity: OD260/OD280 of purified RNA is between 1.8-2.0.

3. No DNA contamination.

4. Safety for handling, shipping and storage: No phenol extraction, no ethanol precipitation, no toxic chaotropic salts.