XNAPS Body Fluid DNA Flexspin Kit

XNAPS Body Fluid DNA Flexspin Kit
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Product Description

XNAPS body fluid DNA flexspin kit provides a fast, simple, and efficient method for isolating total DNA from flexible volumes of plasma, serum, body fluids( urine, saliva, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid), or other aqueous solutions(up to 10ml) . The system combines a modified enzyme lysis procedure with an innovative chromatographic absorbent resin which preferentially binds DNA with high capacity . The novel procedure provided by the kit overcomes many disadvantages, such as time-consuming, toxic components, low yield, from other commercial kits. The purified genomic DNA is immediately ready to use in various downstream applications, such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing.

Features: 1. Flexibility: Processing can be adjusted according to the volume of starting samples.

2. Rapidity: All the processing steps can be completed within 10 minutes after sample lysis..

3. High yield and purity: The OD260/OD280 ratio of purified DNA is between 1.8-2.0

4. Safety for handling, shipping and storage: No phenol extraction, no ethanol precipitation, no toxic chaotropic salts are necessary.

5. Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors for reliable downstream manipulations.