BioMolecular is a technology, product and service provider for life science community. The company is located in Downstate's Advanced Biotechnology Park, the cornerstone of New York City's initiative to nurture biotechnology research and development. With focusing on developing the new-generation gene expression system, we have developed a variety of biological research reagents and methods, such as ultra-speed clone vector, ultra-sensitive PCR system, one step Western blot and magic protein sample solution. The reagents are widely used in molecular biological research, drug discovery and clinical diagnosis. The research services provided recently include customer gene expression, regular molecular biological experiment, clinic assay, and contract research project. Our integrated platform of technology and product will directly and enormously benefit our customers.

BioMolecular, Inc.
760 Parkside Avenue, Room 212-13
Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA
Tel: 718-676-9583
Fax: 718-676-9583

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