FastBack DNA Minispin Kit

FastBack DNA Minispin Kit
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Product Description

FastBack DNA minispin kit provides a fast, simple, and efficient method for isolating DNA from agarose gel and liquid sample, such as PCR, enzymatic solution, labeling solution. The procedure provided by the kit eliminates many disadvantages, such as time-consuming methods, toxic components, low yield, as compared to other commercial kits. The purified genomic DNA is immediately ready to use in various downstream applications, such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing.


1. Fast: All the processing steps can be completed within 5 minutes.

2. High recovery rate and purity: OD260/OD280 of purified DNA is between1.8-2.1.

3. Small elution volume. Elution volume can be adjusted from10¦Ěl of pure water.

4. The length of purified DNA is between 0.1-10kb.